smoke free in 21 days

smoke free in 21 days

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Quit smoking painlessly and
without expensive drugs.

In 21 days only fresh air
will pass into your lungs

This 8 step program sets you up to successfully break your smoking habit, all for the investment of two or three packets of cigarettes.

Quit smoking painlessly and  without expensive drugs.

8 steps to being smoke free

In a nutshell, the program is based on th following 8 steps.

Step 1 - pick your date

Chose a date 21 days ahead when you will have your last cigarette.

Step 2 - make a list

Make a list of the reasons why giving up smoking is a good thing to do.

Step 3 - get support

Frank Woolworth said 'I never got anywhere while I tried to do everything on my own.'

Step 4 - set rules

Set some rules for smoking - like not smoking inside the house, not smoking in the car, not smoking before morning tea time …

Step 5 - count your smokes

Over the period between when you make your decision and your 'freedom from smoking day', keep a record of the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. Aim to smoke one less cigarette each day. At the end of 21 days you might have smoked yourself out. Each day start smoking half an hour later and finish smoking half an hour earlier.

Step 6

Divert your attention from smoking. Start exercising, going to the movies, going to bed early ...

Step 7 - F-day

When your freedom day arrives, you’ll be programmed to stop smoking. Invite some friends or members of your family to watch you smoke your last two cigarettes.

Step 8

Write and tell your Minister for Health you want a rebate on your health insurance!

So here's what you get for $27us

The Smoke Free in 21 Days ebook.

The Smoke Free in 21 Days ebook.

Your guide to working out why you want to give up smoking and then using a step by step, systematic system for giving up.

Imagine, in 21 days you can be smoke free. The money you've been spending can go back into the housekeeping or on something that not only gives you pleasure but doesn't ruin your health.

You've put up with the prompting from your loved ones and friends. Here's a painless way to become smoke free, painless - and make every one happy.


The bonus audio file is an important component the Smoke Free in 21 Days program.

It's all well and good knowing what to do, but unless your sub-conscious mind is programmed to keep you focused on entering the smoke free state you'll struggle to reach your goal.

Your subconscious is your most powerful asset in this process of breathing only fresh air. If you want your subconscious to also be your best friend, listen to the 'I breathe Fresh Air' inner mental training program every day for 21 days.

You can be smoke free in 21 days.

The investment in your heath


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